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The Little Book Of Relationship Astrology (EBook)

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The Little Book of Relationship Astrology is 6 part manual that will develop your astrological skills in the areas of love, marriage, and partnership.

If you want to deepen your astrology practice…

If you’re just getting started with astrology but can’t find many good resources on relationships...

If you have a grasp on astrology, but want to specifically deepen your relationship astrology compatibility knowledge…

If you want to learn more about your relationship from a spiritual and practical point of view…

If you want to learn about what makes your partner tick in a relationship...

If you’re single and want to know what you need in a relationship based on your birth chart…

...this eBook is for you!

In this relationship astrology eBook you will:

  • Learn about different flirtation styles in the chart and how they apply
  • Study the different planets and signs that govern attraction
  • Learn about what attracts you and your partner sexually
  • Use your chart to create a picture of what you need in a relationship and what you can give
  • Learn about the most important symbols and planets and where to find them in the chart
  • Decode a past life synastry chart and read what kind of karma you have with your partner from a past life

We recommend that you only read this relationship astrology eBook if you have a fundamental understanding of astrology (even a basic understanding). This eBook will touch on basic principles, but you may feel lost quite quickly if you don't understand the signs, planets, and houses.

In order to work with this eBook, you should have your birth date, time, and place available. 

Table Of Contents:

  • About Tea & Rosemary + My Journey With Astrology

  • How To Get The Most Out Of This Book

  • Where To Find Your Birth Chart

  • A Rundown Of Astrology Basics

  • Venus and Mars: The Planet of Love & Attraction

    • How To Find Your Venus and Mars

    • Venus & Mars In Relationship Astrology

    • Venus & Mars In The Signs

    • Putting It Into Practice: Examples

  • Juno: The Planet of Marriage

    • How To Find Your Juno

    • Juno In Relationship Astrology

    • Juno In The Signs

    • Putting It Into Practice: Examples

  • The Descendant

    • How To Find Your Descendant

    • The Basics Of The Descendant

    • What Each Descendant Means

  • Lilith: The Planet of Desire

    • How To Find Your Lilith

    • Lilith In Relationship Astrology

    •  Lilith In The Signs

    • Putting It Into Practice: Examples

  • An Introduction To Synastry

  • Past Life Synastry

  • Resources To Learn More


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